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David Ussery

“Jimmy’s Fire” original Acrylic 30x40 Canvas.

“Jimmy’s Fire” original Acrylic 30x40 Canvas.

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- Original Artwork
- Title: “Jimmy’s Fire”
- Artist: David Ussery
- Medium: Acrylic
- Substrate: 30x40 Canvas
- Varnished
- Ready to Hang
- Includes COA

Presenting "Jimmy’s Fire", my deeply personal and vibrant tribute to the legendary Jimi Hendrix. With love and respect, I have created this original artwork using acrylic on a 30x40 canvas, taking care to ensure that every inch of this one-inch-thick canvas resonates with the spirit of Hendrix.

What makes this painting special is the unique way it connects you to Hendrix's unforgettable music. I've listed his most famous songs along the entire outside perimeter of the canvas - a feature that invites you to immerse yourself in his lyrical genius as you appreciate the art.

Originally, "Jimmy’s Fire" was proudly displayed in the “Art of Rock-n-Roll” show at Cityarts Factory in Orlando in 2024. The painting is my interpretation of Hendrix's music - a musical rainbow that bursts with energy, passion, and vibrant color.

To recreate the dynamism of his performances, I've combined traditional painting with drip techniques. The resulting texture is rich and captivating, truly embodying the essence of rock 'n roll.

Varnished for lasting quality, this artwork is all set for hanging and eager to bring a touch of music history into your living space. To authenticate its originality, "Jimmy’s Fire" comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by me.

Let "Jimmy’s Fire" ignite your passion for art and music, and celebrate the legacy of the great Jimi Hendrix with this unique piece of art. ✌️❤️🎨.

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