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David Ussery

“Buck” Original Oil 10x8 Panel

“Buck” Original Oil 10x8 Panel

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"Buck" by David Ussery: An Original Oil Painting with Attitude

Introducing "Buck," a captivating original oil painting by the talented David Ussery. This one-of-a-kind portrait captures the essence of a Crested chicken with an undeniably cocky look in its eye, making it a standout piece for any art collector or enthusiast.

Key Features:

- Artist: David Ussery
- Medium: Oil on MDF panel
- Size: 10x8 inches
- Frame: Unframed, allowing you the freedom to choose a frame that best suits your taste and décor
- Finish: Varnished for long-lasting protection and enhanced vibrancy
- Certificate of Authenticity (COA): Included, ensuring the originality and value of your investment

Visual Details:

- Subject: A Crested chicken with bold green feathers adorning its head
- Expression: Captures a cocky, confident attitude, bringing personality and life to the piece
- Color Palette: Rich hues of blue, orange, and green blend harmoniously to create a dynamic and visually striking composition

Why "Buck" Stands Out:

- Unique Art for Unique People: This painting is perfect for those who appreciate art with character and flair
- Vibrant and Bold: The use of vivid colors ensures that "Buck" will be a focal point in any room
- Collectible: As an original work by David Ussery, "Buck" is a valuable addition to any art collection

Add "Buck" to your collection today and enjoy the charm and attitude this unique piece brings to your space. Perfect for art lovers who seek something truly special and distinctive.

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