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“War Lilly” Fine Art Print

“War Lilly” Fine Art Print

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Presenting "War Lilly," a striking art print, meticulously replicated from an original oil painting by artist, David Ussery. This extraordinary piece of art showcases a rose flower personified with feminine attributes. The flower is brought to life with two seductive eyes and luscious red lips, intriguingly smoking a cigarette. The green stem of the flower, adorned with sharp thorns, adds a contrasting edge to the overall softness.


The painting is set against a vibrant, bold yellow backdrop, enriched with an innovative orange drip technique that adds depth and dimension. "War Lilly" is a print that exudes an aura of mystique and attitude, making it a perfect piece for those who appreciate uniqueness in art.


This distinctive art print infuses any room with an eccentric energy and piques interest. It's not just a piece of art, but a conversation starter that allows you to make a bold statement. Embrace the uniqueness of "War Lilly" and let it reflect your individuality.


.: Material: gallery-grade 210 gsm fine art paper 
.: Giclée print quality
.: Smooth matte finish
.: FSC® certified paper

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